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the good new is we have reports of no injuries. >> the bad news debris and flooding as officials head out to check for damage from hurricane earl. it knocked out power to thousands of people along the carolina coast. people in new york are watching the storm as itñi heads north. hurricane earl is expected to pass next to long ñiisland, cap cod and nantucket. good morning. welcome to news 4çó midday. it's friday, september 3, 2010.d
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welcome visitors to the outerñr banks. hurricane earl is drenching north carolina this morning, dumping several inches of rain in parts of the state and forcing thousands of people from their homes. the state's governor is hearing no reports of major damage. earl is making its way up the coast and they are preparing for rough conditions there. chris is there with the latest.r chris. >> reporter: barbara, the wind is whipping up in the last few minutes. so is the surf and the ocean but we are not having any rain right now. we had rain earlier. we seem to be between bands. everybody is coming down and everybody is visiting ocean city now. all attention is focused on the ocean. the sound and the fury of the waves attracted ocean city visitors to takeçó a close up lk or a picture.
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those watching from thexd protection of their balconies or walking down theñr board walk appreciated nature's beauty from a little farther away. >> i wouldn't want to be out there at all. isn't this beautiful? i mean when i was walking down looking at it, it's beautiful. never seen nothing like that before, not on the beach. >> reporter: by mid-morning, the wind picked up with gusts at 20 miles an hour. as the rain pelted, some visitors pedals bicycles. >> a day for a bike ride. >> reporter: the ocean city beach patrol monitored the situation from vehicles after ordering their white wooden life guard towers taken down so they wouldn't be swept away by the surf. the mayor spoke to us after one of his daily briefings by the
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emergency management team. >> the beach is going to be rough. the surf, we are going to see erosion. we are going to keep people out of the surf. beach patrol will be on duty at 5:00. the beach is open. we are restricting access to the surf. we will continue to do it throughout the day and theñi >> reporter: you are looking live at a kite on the ocean city beach showing the innovation of some of the visitors. if you are given lemons, make lemonade. the mayor says that he believes the storm will be passing by 5:00 tonight. as you can see, the wind and rain returned. we are gettingxd conditions as d as they have been as we are broadcasting to you live on midday news 4 at 11:00. it's the situation here in ocean city. >> looks like a good day for
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kite flying. i can see a kite flying behind you, chris. >> reporter: they have had a couple out here. you know, we have people enjoying the day, the natural wonder of it all coming out. it's especially good it's not followed by days of cloudiness and rain. instead, forecasters are saying sunshine. people should wait, not drive out right now, but later in the afternoon, come out to ocean city for labor day weekend. >> good advice. thanks. chris gordon live in ocean city. we have cloudy skies and the latest ob on the hurricane and how it's going to affect us, if at all. >> it is going to affect us. it's not going to be gusty, but the winds will pick up to 10 to 20 miles an hour. while the system is improving in north carolina as it moves away
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from the coast, it's going to continue to worsen at virginia beach as well as ocean city, maryland and cape maine, new jersey. the storm is at the bulk of it. you can see on the satellite, i'll loop it for you. the bulk of the system was well to the west. it's 100 miles east of virginia beach. it's the outer most bans on the western side coming through the areas on virginia beach. even the northern neck. it's a category two. it's going to pick up speed. cape cod and nantucket will get the worst of it before moving away. right now, northeast at 16 miles per hour. the watch and advisories remain up. i'm expecting, barbara, i know you are trying to make it there this weekend. winds 60 miles per hour in cape cod. we'll tell you what to expect where the showers are east of
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95. >> did they say the islands off massachusetts could take a direct hit? >> not a direct hit but more rain. two to four inches of rain if not more in somexd areas. >> we'll check in with you again. hurricane earl could keep drivers home. you could avoid delays by traveling before noon. the best times to travel saturday is before 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. sunday between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. for traffic conditions approaching the bay bridge, call 877-bay-span or log on to we are going to check on the midday traffic now. let's talk to steve who is in for jerry. hi, steve. >> good morning, barbara. here we are approaching the bay bridge. we are avoiding delays. it looks good now. approaching the toll plaza to get to the bay bridge, no delay
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what so ever, just axd couple cars. let's see how we are doing south on i-95. the weather kept some from heading to the beach earlier than they normally would. now, we are not seeing delays south of springfield. still, a good ride right now. the hov lanes open southbound. it's helping out a bit. back to you. >> thank you. be prepared for metro delays starting tonight. they will close five stations as they under take the largest maintenance of its history. here is what you need to know. hi, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. some of the work like the replacing of a track switch was recommended for safety reasons. other things fall under the category of maintenance. no matter how you look at it, a lot of work is being done. the decision was made to close
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down five stations. folks need to plan accordingly. it's called one of the largest maintenance projects in metro history. they will close five stations on the red line to make upgrades and safety improvements. the signs have been up for awhile. many riders are already making plans. >> i have made plans not to be on metro this weekend. >> reporter: you knew about the closure? >> i knew about the closure. >> reporter: tacoma, wheaten and glen mont stations will close at 10:00 tonight and remain closed until tuesday morning. metro will run a free shuttle service. build an extra 40 minutes into your trip if traveling through the area. it's an inconvenience, but riders say they will adjust. >> there are a couple things we were going to do going down to
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the mall that we won't do this weekend and we'll stick closer to home. you know. >> reporter: do you mind? >> not that much as long as the upgrades make it safe. >> reporter: get a little exercise. >> that's right. >> reporter: if everything goes as planned, all five of the stations on the red line will be back up and running and open in time for rush hour in the morning on tuesday. barbara, back to you. >> thank you very much. new within the last hour, president barack obama said the economy is moving in a positive direction despite the labor department's report showing unemployment rose to 9.6% in august up from 9.5% in july. the news the before the labor day holiday intended to honor working americans. >> our markets remain the most dynamic in the world. our workers are the most
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productive. we remain a global leader in innovation, in discovery and work. >> he called on congress to pass business j lawmakers return from break later this month. our time now is 10 minutes after 11:00. coming up, new pictures show the dramatic moment when police storm the building and take down a gunman. unlike the blast that led to the bp spill, the latest oil platform explosion has no crude gushing into the ocean. at least not now. a performance by justin bieber. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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an agency that jooefr over sees offshore drilling. 13 workers jumped into the water to escape the flames. a company official says only a fire happened, no explosion as first reported. it happened 200 miles from the bp oil disaster. the ocean energy management
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regulation plans to work with the coast guard to investigate the fire. this morning, we are learning more about the gunman who stormed into the discovery building and took three people hostage. james lee was eventually shot and killed by the police. they found more items in his home. we have more xddetails. elaine. >> reporter: investigators want to know if james lee had a car and if there was anything inside it. lee lived inside this home near connecticut avenue. s.w.a.t. team members evacuated neighbors during the search and took away several boxes. police found four explosives and detonated all of them. neighbors describe him as a quiet man who kept to himself. he had two pipe bombs and two other explosives strapped to his body during this week's stand off.
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investigators found two starter pistols in his possession. they didn't want to take any chances with the hostages. >> had he been able to detonate the devicesñi they would have bn lethal. it is pure speculation, but clearly the hostages were close enough they would have been in harm's way. >> take a look at this. this is an exclusive photo of what appears to be the hostages in the middle of the action. it's taken high above the sea, looking down. he told them to lie down until everything was clear. lee repeatedly told negotiators he was ready to die. he was arrested for immigrant smuggling. in california he protested in front of the building two years ago. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, elaine. petco can take customer
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comments into account as they try to improve the energy service. they held a meeting at the community college. the utility company plans to spend millions of dollars to improve service. they said they have had several interruptions and many were not storm related. >> our power goes out all the time. we had them in a whole subdivision so often that it damages the electrical appliances we have in our home. >> the new reliability plan includes more tree trimming to give power lines more space and replacing underground cables. good news for people along the coast of new jersey. it looks like hurricane earl will stay well off the coast.
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the storm could still snarl holiday weekend plans with several flights canceled and amtrak service suspended in places. veronica joins us to tell>l5ñ what it looks like out there earl is making an impact in some places. >> it is. that was a shot we just showed you. i wanted to show you what the winds were like. we have it live. the winds up to 31 miles per hour. it's now down to a category one. it is weakening. i do not think it would restrengthen. the water is too cool. it will be picking up speed as it continues to weaken. note that when it makes the path east around our area, like ocean city, i think it will be a category one storm. now, 81 degrees is the temperature. the heat index is 83.
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winds out of the north-northeast at 7 miles per hour. the winds are going to pick up later this afternoon and this evening where we have a somewhat of a breezy to windy day coming our way tomorrow. look at the size of the storm. we have been talking about this. it's very wide across the center there. the center is about 75 to 100 miles east of virginia beach now. it's track up to the northeast. you can see the fan forecast and window movement coming across eastern areas in massachusetts and connecticut. they have hurricane warnings up there. or you can look at it this way, 320 miles east of north carolina. it will make a pass over cape cod, nantucket area at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the bands wrapping around virginia beach. north carolina there, we are seeing the rain right here
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locally. off to the east, ocean city as you heard chris say earlier, not a lot now. there will be more filling in later. hampton, virginia beach all wet. most of the rain shower out of here by the time we get to late afternoon and early evening. there's cape may point, again, with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. outer banks, north carolina, the highest wind i could see is 70 miles per hour. just over two inches of rain. it's across areas of new england could see two to four inches of rain. the temperatures were running in the 80s today. most of the weekend, we are going to see highs in the 70s across the area. a cool one for us. there's the cold front that's going to do that and cool us down. when it comes through here later tonight, the first thing you notice is the difference. there will be less humidity in the air and less moisture and drying out through the weekend.
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with wind and highs in the 70s, it's going to feel like a touch of fall around here. 79 is the temperature in new york. 80 degrees in boston. 71 in detroit. look at chicago, illinois. there goes the front. the moisture, that's 8:00 a.m. around maine. it's where it will be. if you are trying to get a flight out and head up to areas north, well, i think you should just start early and you know, start calling the airlines. the forecast for today, an inch of rain expected. ocean city half to an inch and 80 degrees with sunshine on saturday. it is going to be windy at the beach and expect the riptides to continue through the holiday weekend. 88 the high for today. 30% chance for a few showers. breezy saturday. the high 80. sunday 80 degrees. nice weather there our labor day weekend. much cooler.
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i don't think it's going to stay that way. things are going to heat up. 90 degrees for tuesday and mid-90s for neighborhoods on wednesday. >> okay. at least we'll avoid the high winds and heavy rains here. >> locally. >> great. thank you. we're going to check on the midday traffic now. steve joins us with the latest. what's going on out there? >> in northwest washington, we are looking at a map here at connecticut avenue and calvert street. part of the road was compromised. on connecticut avenue, it's one lane getting by. if you can avoid that, probably not a bad idea this afternoon or late this morning. over to springfield, we are looking for delays and not seeing any. south of springfield away from you. in the middle of the screen you can see the hov lanes open.
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it's helping out with a light volume. back to you. >> thank you, steve. it's now 11:22. still ahead, the preseason is now over for the redskins. take a look at how the team wrapped things up in arizona last night. plus, have they hollywood stars had their hair transplanted? we sit down with a doctor to talk about the latest techniques. party planning secrets. use lighting to make your get together shine. first, here is a look at what's hot on
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maryland is catching bieber fever. justice bieber is performs at the maryland state fair. to accommodate all the people, they are extanding the light rail hours. trains run every 60 minutes then every 30 minutes. if you don't have tickets already, you may be out of luck. it's completely sold out. the redskins can look ahead now to the regular season. their pre-season ended last night in arizona on a down note. they fell to the arizona cardinals 20-10.
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you can't make too much of the result. most starters did not play last night. albert hains worth did. redskins fans are remembering a superfan on the way to hog heaven. he died at the age of 73 last week. he was one of the founding members of the group of men who put on dresses and hats and pig snouts back in the 1980s. >> he just enjoyment of the game, the ultimate fan, being able toñr hang with your favori player, that type of thing. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow. he'll be buried wearing a redskins tie. no dress. a pig snout and redskins football will be in the coffin. time is 11:26. coming up, hurricane earl roared
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past north carolina overnight causing flooding and wind damage. we're going to have a live report where people are assessing the damage. veronica johnson has the latest on the local forecast this holiday weekend. it will be a busy weekend for some virginia dmv
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right now, hurricane earl is moving toward the xdnorth.
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these are live pictures from ocean city, maryland. emergency crews are ready at the beach resort, but not expecting anything beyond high wind and rough surf. thousands of people had to be evacuated ahead of the storm. kristen is live in kill devil hills, north carolina with the latest. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hey, there. we learn add few minutes ago they are lifting the evacuation order for the northern part of the outer banks in a half hour. it's very good news for the people who had to evacuate. they can head home and visitors will be able to return here for the labor day weekend. the worst of earl passed us by. you are looking at what the storm left behind. the waves crashing almost as far as the eye can see. it's going to be earl's legacy as it heads up the coast. strong seas and beach erosion as
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well. damage assessments are under way now. they are finding minor damage now. 5,000 customers without power. the biggest problems from earl, the standing water that remains on the roads to the south making roads impassable to the southern part of the outer banks. it will allow people to return there. the governor, today, saying it looks like north carolina dodged a bullet. she wants to remind everyone there is a lot of this hurricane season to go. back to you. >> that's true. what about the temperature there now. did it cool down after it passed through? >> reporter: it actually was kind of cold overnight as the storm was passing through. a lot chillier than the other hurricanes and tropical storms we have covered. now, as things are brightening and the sun getting through, the temperature is coming up a
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little bit. it's still not hot out here. they are expecting sunshine as the storm continues to move to the north. >> our meteorologist said it's 76 degrees with you are now, kristen. stay safe. i guess it's passed by so you don't have to worry about that. thank you for the repart. >> thank you. >> the mid-atlantic may be preparing for earl. the northeast could suffer more damage, especially massachusetts. dozens of personnel are in cape cod to provide support. they are from the montgomery county search and rescue teem. fema activated 80 members of that team. >> building by building, house by house, street by street searches to make sure nobody was trapped in collapsed houses. >> this team has been dispatched for many hurricanes. they usually head south to the
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gulf coast. this is the first time they are heading north. let's talk to veronica johnson. she joins us now. she told us what the temperature is in kill devil hills. >> i wanted to put that graphic up. the winds are out of the west. that's the big circle on the right. the daily wind gust is on the bottom. it was nearly up to 60 miles per hour, the winds there. the rainfall over four inches. it's one location that really got the rain. as you heard kristen say, there was flooding in some areas, too. 76 degrees, the temperature now. they will get into the 80s later on. take a look at the radar here. locally, the best chance of rain probably in the next up until the next two hours. after that, the storm system moves away from the coast. we lose the chance for getting showers in here. dover, millford, down around sales bury, they will get rain
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as well as ocean city, not just maryland, but new jersey. it's how it's looking along the coast. shadyside is wet with rain. the bulk of it, you can see, just off the coast. temperatures running in the 80s now. 76 in clinton. 80 degrees in quan coe now. there's the cold front. look how cool it is. the temperatures are dropping nine to ten degrees behind it. the cooldown is coming this way. 88 degrees is the high for today. look at the weekend with a high of 80 degrees and i'm being optimistic on that. with a little bit of wind, as you can imagine, the start of the day is chilly. look at the sunday morning temperature, barbara, 53 degrees. that is like fall. >> it is. a taste of fall coming. >> a little for the weekend. >> do we have earl to thank? >> no, it's the cold front. we have a lot going on. >> thanks. an unnamed government official says a scientist was we
11:35 am
hind the evacuation at the international airport. an airport screener found a metal canister that looked like a pipe bomb. it led authorities to evacuate four of the six terminals and a nearby hotel as well. the government source said the fbi and miami police interviewed the 70-year-old american citizen. the item will go to a lab for more testing. are you one of the thousands of virginians who couldn't get your drivers license renewed because of the glitch at dmv? dmv offices will open sunday and monday to accommodate people who couldn't get their licenses since the glitch hit more than a week ago. that problem was finally fixed this week. the dmvs extended hours begin today. they will remain open until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, 14 centers stay open until 6:00. that includes alexandria, fair
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oaks. they will be open from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. sunday as well and from 8:00 a.m. until noon monday, labor day. plan ahead if you are headed to the beach for labor day. you can call 877-bay-span or log on to you can avoid delays traveling before noon today or after 10:00 p.m. tonight. the best times before 7:00 a.m. and between 5 and 10:00 p.m. sunday after 10:00 p.m. make sure your vehicle is road ready. one disabled vehicle causes huge back ups on the bridge. let's check with traffic now. here is steve. >> thanks. i think we can thank hurricane earl for this picture. very light volume of traffic at this point before the long weekend. a good ride southbound 95.
11:37 am
hov lanes are open and that's helping you out. over to the bay bridge and same situation. looks like everything is moving nicely getting to the main toll plaza. delays on the baltimore-washington parkway. you can see the cones. doing grass cutting blocking a lane. south on the parkway, you will encounter those delays. back to you. >> thank you, steve. topping news for your health today. a new study shows one strand of hair cannot only determine your stress level, but your risk of a heart attack. researchers discovered a way to study the stress hormone in your hair. one stressful thing is when you start to lose your hair. last month, mark jacobs admitted to having hair transplant
11:38 am
surgery. he started thinning and decided to go through the procedure. lucky for him, it's come a long way. dr. hopping joins us to explain. good to see you. what is the change? what is new in hair transplant surgery. >> the old plugs that were obvious are out. the technology is with microfillic lar. it's one hair or two hair graphs. >> it must take forever. >> it takes a long time. in the old days, they did 30 now, we do 1, 500, 2,000 per session. it's worth the time. >> it works around the front of the hairline, is that right? >> it's there forever. it works from the front and back for men and women. >> let's look at movie stars.
11:39 am
brendan frazier. wow, he really lost a lot of hair. that's quite a change. >> here is matthew mcconaughey. do we know, i guess we can look, this is a patient of yours. >> right. they lose hair from the front and the back. or the balding area of the crown. >> so, what can a patient expect? how much, if you really are completely bald or mostly bald from the front to back, can you really fix that? >> no. if you are totally bald, you cannot replace it. you can move it from the front and move it to the back. temporal recession, this can be replaced. now, we have drugs that stop the balding process in men. this is really advanced, what we are able to do.
11:40 am
men are not getting involved because of this medication. >> how long does it take? you are saying longer than 30 plugs at once. how long dauz person sit in the chair or are you put together? >> you are awake. it takes us about three hours for a regular session. six hours for a megasession. it takes the hair about a year to grow. once it's there, it's yours and yours forever. it's low risk, high satisfaction. >> what about immediately following this. how soon can you go out in public. >> in the old days there was a dressing. you have microscabbing for about a week. you have to wear a hat or go on holiday for a week before you go back to the office. >> after a week, you can comb, wash your hair, everything. it heals that quickly? >> that fast. >> what about women?
11:41 am
can they have this same procedure done? >> unfortunately, hair loss is big in women. some of it is genetic, but some is stress. 20% of patients are women. >> is it painful? >> once it's numb, you feel nothing. we give them maybe one pill for the night of surgery. beyond that, they take tylenol. >> that's exciting news espec l especially for guys thinking i'm losing my youth because my hair is going. hopefully, there will be a pill to prevent baldness in the future. thank you for coming in. still ahead, can stock prices end the week higher after word that the unemployment rate is inching up? plus, how a change of lighting can make a big difference. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a tale to share with you. a maryland fisherman caught an eight foot long shark from the potomac river. he says it's a bull shark, one of the most dangerous in the world. he says it was quite a sight to get the shark out of the water. now, he has it in his freezer
11:45 am
and plans to mount it on the wall. >> we are just a week away from throwing the perfect party. the last six weeks, we picked the occasion. we picked the date. we picked the venue and the invitations and food. today, sandy hoffman joins us to make sure the guests are going to have a good time. >> we hope so. >> you say you shouldn't have to worry about it, but you do. we are going to talk about lighting. let's begin with the first question. what should a hostess do when planning the flow of the party, as you call it? >> i say that you should build the excitement. start off slow. it's a time when people gather together and the they want to s hello to one another. you don't want to hit them with the big bang at the beginning of the nightlet. >> they come in, say hestand ar. >> they have cocktails,
11:46 am
background music, you mingle. it's a time to introduce the host and hostess to the people there. i think it's a nice time at the end of the cocktail hour to do a welcome or toast that you might do. so later on into the evening, you don't stop then the flow of the party. >> let me quickly ask you, we are talking a small party, not small, but say 20 people over to your house. should you stop and make a welcome for that kind of occasion, too? >> it is an occasion. if you are just having people over for an impromptu dinner party, no. if there's anuá occasion, a birthday, anniversary, whatever, it's nice to welcome your guests and celebrate and mention the sell bragsz. i think that's nice. timing to do that is very important. what happens is you start to build your party and when you begin to speak, even at a wedding or anywhere, it begins to level off.
11:47 am
you are stopping whatever that build is. okay. >> then what do you do? >> you have to do it short and sweet. you have to catch them just before it started to go down, again. so, you want to bring it up, welcome them and then lift again, up. >> what do you do for that? >> you are moving into another space. >> always try to move your people whether it's in your house or any kind of venue. moving guests to other locations within the venue is exciting. >> what do you do to end the party on a high note? >> i always say this. there's an expression know when to fold them. you want to make sure that number one, you don't plan a party for the people who leave early. that's number one. and you don't plan a party for the people drinking too much and aren't leaving. planning a time line is very important. you want to make sure that you
11:48 am
catch them on a high, you know, even if the up and down is playing at 12:00 at night and there are 50 to 75 people left, end it. what happens then is it begins to go down and the last thing they remember is when it starts to go down, again. >> how do you get rid of the people? how do you get them to go home. >> you end the band. say thanks for coming. if you leave the bar open a few more minutes and they have a last drink. >> even if it's your house, the party we have been planning will be, it's okay to end the party at your own home? >> that is correct. you have the time when the food comes out. you have to have a lot of knowledge about that. if you are unfamiliar about that, use a party planner or use your caterer. that's very important. >> okay. i want to move to lighting so we can get that in. let's have a look at it. we have a before and after.
11:49 am
lighting is probably one of the most important things. this is before. >> yes. this was done, we did a party in utah. this was in a very lovely ballroom in a gorgeous hotel. it's a picture of the general lighting in the ballroom. you have to know, most of the ballrooms in hotels are built for conferences. so, it's overheadlighting, it's flores ent lighting, that sort of thing. that's a shot of that room with the hotel lighting. >> let's go to the after picture. oh, wow! >> there you go. the per imter lighting is all off. you are seeing the pin spotting on the centerpieces and the center of the tables. then the perimeter lighting allows for the intimacy around the room. >> should you try to do it if you are entertaining around the home? >> always. turn the lights down. >> okay. >> do a little candle light.
11:50 am
do something. but, make sure there's that intimacy. that is very important in a party. >> i'm glad you told us. seeing the difference, it makes a huge difference. we are so excited. we are almost there. >> hope you'll be there. >> i hope so, too. thank you for coming. >> you are welcome. >> a look at what's new at the movies, plus veronica johnson will be back wi
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the unemployment rate rose in august for the first time in four months. we are going to talk with cnbcs courtney reagan now. >> the dow is up 64 points. looks like we are going to add to the gains we posted yesterday. asia markets rose overnight. the main focus today is of course the monthly jobs report you mentioned. the u.s. economy lost 54,000 jobs last month. it's fewer than many forecast. the economists expected 110,000 job loss. it's a silver lining. 114,000 workers are now unemployed. it edges up to 9.6%. that number was expected.
11:54 am
there's good news in the revision. looking backwards at what wasxd previously reported. a loss of 54,000 instead of a loss of 131,000. the june jobs report was a loss of 175,000. better from the 221 first reported. well, the white house says it is not considering a second stimulus package. president obama says he's still discussing more tax breaks and extending tax cuts for the middle class. more initiatives and holds a white house news conference next friday. we all know that workers are paying a larger part of their health insurance costs as employers shift to ride up the recession. exactly how much? a new survey finds the premium for families rose 14% this year to nearly $4,000. it rose 15% for single coverage. a growing number of workers are
11:55 am
in high deductible plans. now, some companies are trying to steer employers toward preventive care to cut long term costs for everyone. back to you barbara. >> thanks. have a great weekend. >> thank you, see you tuesday. >> tuesday, right. you have monday off. >> yes, the markets are closed. the box office is packed with a lot of star power this weekend from drew barrymore to george clooney. there's something for everyone. >> i don't want to lose you. i'll be here and you'll be there and it will be long distance. quite frankly, i'm c azy aboa you. drew barrymore and justin long try a romance from a distance. they fall for each other during a summer fling in new york city. barry mor goes back to san francisco and long doesn't want to let her go.
11:56 am
their family is not keen on their growing relationship. i's rated r. george clooney plays an assassin in an italian town. he will quit the business after one last task. it's building a weapon for a mysterious contact. after he let his guard down and makes friends with the locals a love affairñr could blow his cor once and forxli all. then machete is about a police officer left for dead after clashing with a drug king pen. he escapes to texas. he ends up in a bigger web of corruption. it stars robert de niro, stephen segal and jessica alba. it's rated r. we have time for a special checi on the forecast. >> sounds like a plan. catch the movie today. this ñiafternoon. then all the outdoor stuff you want to do, the weather is going
11:57 am
to be pe with this --+5á sunshine returning. this is a live camera view of delaware where the temperature is 77 degrees. on the far right and bottom, the wind gusts so far today, up toa. waves don't look too bad now. they will be picking up. ocean city. up to eight in ten feet. in virginia beach, they are around 20. it's where the center of the storm isxd now. it's east of virginia beach. downgraded now, 85 miles an hour winds. it's still a hurricane, earl. it's moving away to the north and northeast. moving toward us, it's cape cod and nantucket that gets the worst of the storm. temperatures in the 80s. it's going to cool us down for the weekend.ñr 88 is the high temperature today. quick look at the beaches, again. sunshine returns. saturday at the beach, 80 degrees. a cool water temperature. tomorrow morning, we start at 65. a high temperature tomorrow of
11:58 am
80 degrees. i think the showers today will get more and we'll see this thing pull more. >> sounds terrific this weekend. goodñr news on the weather arou here. thanks a lot. that's our news 4 for midday. we want to let you know, tonight doug camera our meteorologist will be in ocean city. see you monday morning. have a great weekend.
11:59 am

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